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Strategic Aims

Strategic Aims 2009-2012

Active Barnsley will :

Aim : Develop Pathways to Excellence:

Objective : To ensure that the pathways are in place and accessible, which will encourage individuals to achieve their sporting potential and lifelong participation.

Aim: Develop an effective Volunteering Programme:

Objective : To maximise the use of existing and create additional human resources to support the development of sport and active recreation across the borough.

Aim: To increase opportunities for under represented people in community to take part in Sport, Health and Physical Activity at all levels:

Objective : To ensure that sport and active recreation is socially inclusive and that any gaps in provision and barriers to participation are identified and action taken to address them.

Aim : Strengthen effective working of the Community Sport Network to increase participation in Sport, Health and Physical Activity:

Objective: To improve the coordination and sustainability of provision through the development of effective partnership network. To provide support and the development of sport and active recreation.

Aim: To increase the range quality and sustainability of Sport, Health and Physical Activity services:

Objective: To raise awareness of the range and quality of existing opportunities.